Stone Aggregate Trash Receptacles

Natural stone aggregate waste receptacles are the perfect way to enhance the cleanliness and beauty of commercial property, parks and recreation areas. Features of our stone aggregate garbage cans include:

  • 40% lighter than concrete for reduced shipping costs.
  • Able to withstand the harshest elements.
  • Self-draining.
  • Made of stone for no maintenance.
  • Built-in liner and drain hole at bottom allow for easy cleaning.
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Concrete Trash Receptacles

Our concrete trash cans come in 3 standard designs, all with a minimum rating of 5000 psi at 28 days. These concrete trash cans are a practical way to keep cities, parks and streets clean, while being heavy enough to provide security for your entrances and deter theft. These concrete receptacles are durable and perfect for indoor or outdoor applications and come in a variety of colors to fit your design needs. Theses concrete receptacles are a favorite in the restaurant industry for their look, strength and ease of maintenance.

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Metal Trash Receptacles

Our metal/steel trash cans bring contemporary beauty to any commercial or private property, park, school, or recreation area. These metal/steel trash receptacles are a durable long term solution to waste management. Available in a variety of colors to fit your design needs.  Product features include:

  • Powder-coated to ensure years of trouble-free outdoor use.
  • Units bolt to the ground to deter theft.
  • Able to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Removable high density plastic liner makes emptying them quick and easy.
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Plastic Trash Receptacles

Our plastic trash receptacles are a perfect light weight solution to waste management indoors or outdoors. Our plastic trash receptacles are made from high density polyethylene allowing them to be both durable and portable. Cost effective alternative to concrete, metal, and wood. Easy to clean and maintain, these plastic trash receptacles are the perfect outdoor accessory for schools, parks, recreation areas, commercial properties. Available in a variety of colors to match you design needs.

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Trash Lids And Accessories

We have several accessories that help with cleaning, maintaining, or making your Dawn product easier to use. These include: metal ashtrays and tray holders for our plastic receptacle lids, plastic liners for many of our trash cans, security chain kits to protect your Dawn products, sifter scoop to remove cigarette butts from our urns and ash trays, filler sand for our urns and ash trays and retainer bands to keep plastic bags in place.

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